My Wife Laughed When I Wrote A Script For Our 8 Year Old To Raise Money Door To Door But ...

She Was Speechless When 9 Out Of 10 Strangers Handed Him Wads Of Cash And He Brought Home Over $2000

(We both laughed all the way to the bank when we figured out how the same secret that turned our son into a money magnet could work for any business to get more clients!)

 With a smile that stretched from ear to ear and eyes that danced with pride, my son exploded into the room announcing that he had been nominated by his school to attend the national youth leadership forum in Washington DC. If he went he would be the only one in our county to attend in more than 5 years.

This was a big deal. The national youth leadership forum is a program for the brightest and most highly motivated students who were singled out by their teachers for nomination. Josiah had placed among the top students in the United States for mathematics. He was on the national honor roll. He had worked hard to get this opportunity. We were so proud. We took him out for a special celebration dinner that evening.

The next day we read through all of the information, and realized that we would be responsible for the cost of the program which was a whopping $2000. 

We didn’t have $2000

We had just recently moved across the country, and money was tight.

My heart felt like it was shrinkingThe thought of having to tell my boy that he couldn’t go made me nauseous 

I remember sagging against the doorway of his bedroom with my head lowered in shame, and my eyes filled with tears as I told him that he couldn’t go.

The truth is he handled the news much better than I did.

“It’s OK Daddy.” He said. 

Then he thought for a moment and turned to me and said,

“Remember how I went door to door back in Indiana to sell popcorn for the Cub Scouts? We sold lots of popcorn. Maybe I could do the same thing for this. Maybe I could go door to door and ask people for money?”

I explained how this was different. “People are more likely to support the Cub Scouts.” I said. I explained how this was personal, and that we just moved here, and didn’t know anyone. Even so, he wanted to try. He knew that I made my living as a copywriter, and  so he asked if I could help him with what to say. 

I reluctantly agreed. But I didn’t want to get his hopes up. I was still adamant that this would not work. 

Because here’s the thing. I’ve had children come to the door asking for money for all kinds of reasons. Band camp, cheerleader camp, and even the national youth leadership forum.  And to be honest, I don’t usually give. When I have,  it was maybe a dollar or two a the most.

It was always the same.  They would knock on the door, and while staring down at some scribbles on a scrap piece of paper begin reading in a robotic tone something like, 

“Hi, I’m raising money so I can go to band camp. Would you like to donate?”

“Uh, no thanks”

The truth is, I really thought he had a better chance mailing letters to friends and family asking for money. But this was what he wanted to do. And so, I put together a short script, and gave him some ideas on how to present it.

The following Saturday we drove to the nearest town and hit the streets.

What happened next


My third grade son raised $2000 cash knocking on the doors of total strangers in a town 15 miles from our house.  

People were handing him WADS OF CASH!

 and not every once in a while, but with a


9 out of 10 people who answered the door handed him cash or check. Some even asked that he say in touch and write them a letter to share his experience.

How Did We Do It?

He looked them in the eyes, and told them a story.

He told them how he got here, and why he was knocking on their door.

He told them a story that evoked emotion, and memories of their own childhood struggles and dreams.

He gave them the opportunity to be the reason.

Stories have the potential to resonate with people on an emotional level, because they create authentic connections when something matches the way they want to see the world.

I found this to be intriguing. And I looked around and saw how some of the most successful businesses in the world were creating narratives that were so compelling, they were not just creating customers, they were creating raving fans and literally making the competition irrelevant.

The competition becomes irrelevant when you’ve made that kind of connection with people, because you’re no longer competing on the same metrics as everyone else. 

Hi, my name is Dustin Cannon.  I help marketers and businesses tell stories that CONNECT, ENGAGE, SEDUCE, and PERSUADE customers with only words. 

I was a direct response copywriter long before the experience with my son, but it was this experience that taught me the 


I immediately began to apply this copywriting strategy to my own business, and the marketing campaigns of some of my clients. 

(I say “some” of my clients because, I’ll be honest, some clients are not comfortable with a storytelling model. They don’t think it is professional. They prefer to go with a more traditional business-like approach. That’s OK. I help them with that also.)

But the truth is …


every single client who has hired me to implement a storytelling strategy has had staggering success.

Dustin Cannon Tripled My Income

I started working with Dustin in late 2015. Over the past several years, I had spoken with and bought the services of the “big players” in the field. The result- failed promises. So when I first spoke to Dustin, I expected him to be like all the rest. Boy, was I wrong! Dustin Cannon tripled my income and I have no words to describe Dustin’s services.  He does what he says and what he says works! He is innovative and “ahead of the curve”.

Dawn C. Sequeira, Esq.

It works for marketing agencies, lawyers, retail, service businesses, and professional services.

It works regardless of the economy. And I know you already know this, but traditional advertising simply isn’t working like it used to. There is too much competition. The market is inundated. There are too many choices, and consumers are besieged with ads.

With so many choices and too little time, consumers have become more sophisticated than ever in their ability to ignore advertising.

And the hard truth is this. Consumers don’t care about your business. They care about themselves and their problems. They will ignore your average ads even when they have an immediate need for the products or services you provide in exactly the same way you will respond with “No thank you” when a retail associate asks you if you need any help. You do this knowing full well that you can’t find what you’re looking for. It has become a conditioned response.

If you want to break through you’ve got to make an emotional connection.

People make decisions based on emotion, and justify with logic.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an attorney, dentist, plumber, or you sell copiers – if you want to set yourself apart and win in your industry you’ve got to get people’s attention with a hook and make an emotional connection with an engaging story.

Your potential customers want to know who you are, what you are about, and why you do what you do. They also want to know what you are going to do for them.

And so you need to find a way to communicate this in a way that ties into what your client wants and needs.

Jay Abrams said,

"if you can describe the problem of your client better than they can they will assume you have the solution."

If you can take this one step further, and not only enter into the conversation that is already going on someone’s head, but actually give a voice to what they’re secretly feeling, but don’t say, they will connect with you and they will trust you forever. (I learned that from copywriting legend Chris Haddad)

If you can do this successfully in your ad copy, you will make the competition irrelevant.

Because while everyone else is competing on the same old metrics of product features, price, and so on, you will have made an emotional connection and THAT equates with TRUST.,

That's the first part.

The second part is about INSPIRING PEOPLE.

When you can inspire others by giving them vision, or simply affirming the vision they already have, and then providing direction for achieving that vision, they will be begging you to help them."

That is what I do for my clients. 

If I Could Write a Script That Allowed An 8 Year Old To Raise $2,000 from a Neighborhood of Tightwads in 47 Minutes, Just Imagine
What I Could Do For Your Business!

There is only one way to find out. But, I am going to be completely honest with you. I only take on projects when I am 100% confident I can hit one out of the park and 3X the results you are getting

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Dustin Cannon

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I have recently become a client of Dustin Cannon. He is incredibly brilliant and creative. My new client initial consultations have tripled over the past 18 months due to Dustin Cannon. He has met and exceeded my expectations. I look forward to continuing to have my business prosper and grow with Dustin’s guidance.

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